HP LaserJet 1018 Driver Download

HP LaserJet 1018 Driver Download

HP LaserJet 1018 Driver Download

HP LaserJet 1018 Driver Download Reviews– An individual laser printer is an extremely advantageous printing device for anyone who needs amazing, mono-just content and basic representation. Costs are keeping on falling and HP’s most recent contender is the HP LaserJet 1018 Driver Download, coming in at under £80.

This is a basic, bread-container molded printer, with a slanting top surface and collapsing paper plate. The thought is that when it’s not printing, you overlap up the paper encourage and yield plate, leaving a machine with a foot shaped impression on the work area very little bigger than a manila envelope. There’s no settled info plate, however rather, when you crease down the title page, you discover aides for a paper pile of up to 150 sheets. Curiously for this configuration of machine, there’s additionally a solitary sheet, need food for an envelope or extraordinary media.

There’s an absolute minimum of pointers on the top surface of the HP LaserJet 1018, with only two green LED, showing force and consideration (paper jams and so forth). All controls are through the product driver. At the back is an attachment for a USB 2.0 link, the main method for associating the printer to the outside world.

Fitting the single-piece drum and toner cartridge could barely be easier. You lift the top cover and slide the cartridge in, until it pivots marginally to bolt into position. It’s just as simple as that you are without then to print 2,000 pages before it needs supplanting.

The HP LaserJet 1018 Driver Download is a really basic printer and it needn’t bother with much in the method for programming control. Introduce the supplied CD and you get a run of the mill HP driver, giving watermarks, however no overprinting  support for printing up to 16 pages for each sheet and the capacity to fit a printed record to the span of paper accessible, incredible for printing Web pages.

There’s direction to help you print physically on both sides of the paper, however no programmed duplexing. You can likewise pick the printer’s default determination of 600dpi or an upgraded print with a virtual determination of 1. 200dpi. Notwithstanding when printing greyscale pictures, we could see next to no distinction between the two.

One of the LaserJet 1018 key rivals is Lexmark E120n and  in that model names remains for system. The Lexmark machine has an Ethernet port as standard, while its HP opponent doesn’t and has no choice for one, either. While this won’t make any difference to the individual purchaser, utilizing the 1018 as a part of the home or little office, for those thinking of one according to work area procurement in a bigger office, it could have all the effect.

Content print quality is great, with sharp, very much characterized characters creating high-differentiation pages for general office correspondence. When you print business representation, however, with greyscale tints behind content, the outcomes aren’t as clear. While they’re still worthy, the spot examples making up territories of tone make them look uneven. Little content laid on top of greyscale tints can lose definition.

Greyscale yield experiences the same issue, where the stippling makes the yield look a bit dingy. Against this, definition and subtle element is great in what is not, ordinarily, an essential assignment for a laser printer. Sufficient for house particulars  however nowadays most are in shading  yet conceivably not for a presentation index.

HP rates the printer at 12ppm and with consequences of 34 and 31 seconds for the content and content and design prints, it gets a ton closer than most to its producer’s cases. Indeed, even in this way, there are speedier individual lasers at comparative costs. It creates a 15 x 10cm photograph print in an exceptionally respectable 10 seconds.

The LaserJet 1018 is an enjoyably calm printer, belying the deliberate figure of 58dBA. It has an exceptionally smooth printing activity and you could cheerfully chat on the telephone with it printing straightforwardly adjacent to you around your work area.

A solitary piece drum and toner cartridge makes figuring of running expenses exceptionally clear. HP claims a cartridge will create 2. 000,  five for every penny spread pages overall and we discovered them accessible for around £37,  giving an expense for every page of 2.35p. This is really great  around 24 for every penny lower than the Lexmark E120n, for instance  and positively great among sub £100 laser printers.

Taking a gander at numerous printers in an office, the straightforwardness of support with a solitary piece toner and drum unit may mean extra cost investment funds in examination with printers utilizing separate toner and photoc.

HP LaserJet 1018 Driver Download


HP LaserJet 1018 Driver Download

Support for Operating System:

  • Mac Os X
  • Linux
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP


HP LaserJet 1018 Driver Download

Instruction to Instal Driver Printer

  1. Download Driver HP printer to be installed
  2. Please double-click the driver files have file buddy download
  3. Display the first desktop screen is the area Selection ” Select Your Place Residence ” . Eg Select Asian and click Next . It will immediately appear the option installation method.
  4. Click ” Easy Install ” especially for beginners . Because without further adjustment .
  5. On the confirmation page . Click ” Install “
  6. PAL Will install as many as three stages, which include: a statement of permission, installation and setup.Click ” Yes / Next” and wait until the installation process runs to completion .
  7. Connect a USB Printer to the computer PAL, Printer is ready to use for various purposes
  8. Finish


HP LaserJet 1018 Driver Download for Linux

Operating System

HP LaserJet 1018 Driver Download for Mac Os X

Operating System
Mac Os X 10.6 Mac Os X
Mac Os X 10.8 Mac Os X 10.9 Mac Os X

HP LaserJet 1018 Driver Download for Windows

Operating System
Windows XP or Later
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8, Windows 8.1


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